We would like to welcome each of you to Triumphant Learning Center. We are grateful to be able to serve your family and we aspire to do it with excellence. The daily care of your child is very important to us as a Christian Preschool. We look forward to getting to know you and your family personally.

Our mission is to provide TLC (tender, loving care) and a safe environment for the encouragement of learning, self-discovery and independence through the use of Montessori principles. We are endeavoring to aid your child to his/her fullest potential to satisfy his/her intellectual, moral, social, and spiritual needs.  With God's help, we want to make a genuine difference in the lives of those that we touch.
Triumphant Learning Center
420 Carroll St
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

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Holiday Calendar 2015 



New Year's  Day

Thursday, January 1st

President's Day

Monday, February 16th

Good Friday   

Friday, April 3rd

Memorial Day

Monday, May 25th 

Independence Day

Friday, July 3th

Labor Day 

Monday, September 7th

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 26th

Day After Thanksgiving

Friday, November 27th 

Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 24th

Christmas Day

Friday, December 25th

New Year's Eve

Thursday, December 31st

Note: The Center will be closed Tuesday, December 24th through January 1st.

We will be open on Friday, January 2, 2015. (11-12 Holidays per year)



Montessori Math is exceptional. We use hands on Montessori materials to teach math concepts such as: quantity and numerals zero through ten, teens, and odd/even. The decimal system introduces tens, hundreds and thousands.  Each child can explore numbers as much as they are able. Most children gain understanding of simple addition and subtraction during preschool and some advance to multiplication and division before going on to elementary school. The experience they receive here will help them the rest of their lives. These materials combined with trained teachers make all the difference. Our students have come back to testify that the things they learned at TLC have helped them all through school.


Each child has specific needs in this area. Some talk well, some speak another language, still others have issues with pronunciation or hardly talk at all. With the "one on one" lessons given here at TLC we are able to zero in on each child's need. Some of the things covered in this area are: vocabulary, letter sounds, tracing letters, preparing for hand writing, beginning spelling, reading, also story and book making.

Practical Life - Art

In the Practical Life area the child learns practical basics for everyday life. Lessons here help a child learn to focus, clean up after themselves, and become more autonomous in many ways. Also included are lessons in manners, grace and courtesy. 


The Art area is located in the Practical Life area. Children are encouraged to create from available materials. They are instructed in the use of scissors, glue, paint and other supplies. Most art is not product based, but is a learning experience.  

Worship Time

We are a Christian Montessori School. This is a unique combination that works very well together. The Worship time we have each morning gives balance to the overall curriculum in a way nothing else can. It is basic and practical for children, centering on topics like: God loves and takes care of you, and obey your parents. We use Bible stories and songs to get the message across. We include a scripture and a simple prayer at the end of worship time and before lunch.


It is important to give the child an awareness of the world around them. Starting with puzzles and land and water shapes, they are introduced to continents, countries, names of land and water forms, and their own address.


Animals and plants are introduced with puzzles, matching games and books to make. The classification of plants and animals help children organize the world around them so that it makes sense and is not overwhelming.

Triumphant Learning Center Staff

Our Director & Teachers are experienced, qualified, and Montessori trained. They specialize in individual attention for your child. Most teaching is one-on-one, so your child gets personally tailored curriculum to expedite and enhance their learning. 


Miss Anita

Miss Anita completed an extensive amount of ECE classes at DeAnza and worked at local preschools before taking her Montessori Training at the Montessori Teacher Training Center of Northern California, in Mountain View. She has been with TLC since its inception in 1998.


Miss Kalai

Miss Kalai came to TLC in 1999. She is a dedicated teacher and received a Bachelor's Degree in education in India. She gained her master's degree with her AMI Montessori teacher training at Montessori Teacher Training Center in Mountain View, California. She especially enjoys seeing her kindergarten students excel and surprise their parents with all they are learning.  

Miss Danielle

Miss Danielle was with us when we opened the school in 1998. She had a few years at home while she gave birth to four healthy children, and now she is back. She was a nanny and a preschool teacher before coming to TLC to complete her Montessori training. Her bubbly personality shows her big heart toward the children. 

Miss Michelle

Miss Michelle was with TLC in 2000 before moving to Taiwan and now she is back! She has many years of experience teaching with the Montessori method. Her AMS training was at Notre Dame in Belmont, CA. She has blessed the school with her enthusiasm and knowledge.

Miss Yasanthi

Miss Yasanthi returned to us in 2013 after completing her Montessori Training in Sri Lanka. Her gentle spirit and Montessori knowledge are a blessing to our school

Miss Cindy

Miss Cindy joined us in 2002. She currently works as our morning cook. She completed her ECE training at San Jose City College and also had many years of working with children in Sunday School. 

Miss Christina

Miss Christina  started here in 2013. She is a California native currently attending Mission College to complete her ECE units. She is an energetic and loving teacher who brings her own special sparkle to the TLC afternoon program.

Miss Amanda



In this hectic valley we live in, we keep the extra events focused on four (4) main highlights:

1) We start the year off with "Back to School Night" in September. Here you will get a good overview of the school program presented by the teachers so that you can get to know them too. A parent snack is provided.

2) In November, we have a delicious Holiday "Around the World Potluck" where we ask each family to bring a dish that relates to their country of origin. On this night your child can give you a tour of the school and show you their favorite jobs.

3) All the children prepare some special songs for Easter. They are invited to sing at the Easter morning service at Triumphant Life Church, next door. Service starts at 10:00 am.

4) The first Tuesday in June is Graduation. Every class prepares something special for this festive night. All students take part :) Reception following.



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